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useful hair fair freebies!

yup, i forgot about this blog post! i rounded up as many freebies as i could during the blogger preview, and put together some photos of what you can find. i did not buy all the dollarbies, because i don’t like to buy things that have no photo of what i’m getting, so i am also going to post a list of all the stores with gifts! i am also not posting the non hair items, because this blog is for hair fair, and i want to show off hair! there are a few clothing items and some poses as well. those will be noted in the list.

here’s what i found:

lots of great styles up for grabs, a few hair colour testers that make great low lag hair styles, and a few very interesting styles for neat looks.

now here’s the massive list. i suggest looking at my first hair fair post to find the stores by slurl. please note, this list was put together during the blogger preview, some stores may have added a gift after i passed though, but this is what i found that day.

xplosion – freebie
loovus dzevavor – dollarbie
rosy mood – dollarbie
sugarsmack – freebie
mina hair – freebie (mask)
argrace – freebie (hat)
cheerno – hair bases
the stringer mausoleum – freebie
L+N Signature Fashion – Dollarbie
Discord Designs – dollarbie
ohmai – free chair
Bliensen + MaiTai – dollarbie

iren – dollarbie
pritty – dollarbie (bows)
mystic tiger – freebies
Cheveux – freebie
Bizarre hair – dollarbie
.ploom. – gift (poses)
lollipopz – dollarbie
curious kitties – freebie
amacci – freebie
adoness – dollarbie
chichickie – freebie
ali and ali – freebie
deco – dollarbie
LoQ – colour sampler
due – freebie
zibska – dollarbie jewlery
emo-tions – freebie

lamb. – hair tester
hair studio ONE – dollarbie
Faenzo – freebie
tram – gift (hair ribbons and pin)
Calico Ingmann Creations – dollarbie
eep – dollarbie
Slink – dollarbie (tiara)
colors – freebie
vanity hair – dollarbie
Damselfly – freebie
Hairoin – dollarbie
ayashi hair – freebie
miamai – freebie

heartless – freebie
tableau vivant – freebie
redmint – dollarbie
gauze – freebie
clawtooth – dollarbie
aux – freebie (clothes)
taimless – freebie
ink – freebie
alice project – freebie
baiastice – hair colour demo


Discord Designs at HF2012

i have always admired the hairs at discord design for their unique look and the detail that goes into them. from the hair bases to the braids themselves. this year at hair fair, discord designs has given us some amazing mesh creations which i just so happen to have. (please pardon the lines in these photos.. shadows hate me D:)

lets start with the shortest:


bouncer is a pretty awesome mohawk and what really blew me away was the fact that every single individual hair has been created!

lets grow our hair out a little bit…


delrey is a short braid style with the awesome hair base that makes it really look like its coming out of your head. i love the detail in discord’s braid bases!


devlyn is kind of a sister to the delrey style, using the same hair base and the same basic braid shape, but longer!


dhilon is a gorgeous thick dredlock style that i am totally in love with. i really love the detail on the back.


and finally my fave of the whole set of hairs that discord has for hair fair… phoenix. this could be a beautiful hair style for a modern day rapunzel, or a bad ass look for a videogame character.

Discord Designs is located on the Water Sim. NOW GO! BUY HAIR!

Useful Hair Fair Freebies

there were a TON of gifts at hair fair this year, the hair creators of hair fair were very generous this year 😀 i’ve picked out a few of my fave freebies to showcase:


sorry my avatar seems to have fallen asleep in the top left! shown here: clawtooth (top left) chichickie (top right) analog dog (bottom left) alice project (bottom right)


shown here: colors (top left) EMOtions (top right) Gauze (bottom 2)


shown here: Mina hair (top left) Kmadd (top right) Iren (bottom left) Gotzsche (bottom right)

all of these freebies and more are available at hair fair 2012! the fair opens at midnight, so get your wallets ready! tomorrow, more hair fair haul!


i awoke to half a dozen people on plurk screaming about hair fair blogger day this morning. after waiting out the maintenance that LL decided to drop on us just as the sims opened, i finally jumped inworld and celebrated my favourite time of year in second life.

seriously, when ever i rez on the hair fair sims i hear “its the most wonderful time of the year” playing in my head.  my pockets are empty now… i have quite the haul this year! and just like last year i do plan to highlight some of the quality freebies/cheepies available as well! there are some really awesome useable freebies out there this year, i do love when hair makers put out good gifts 😀

i still need to get my photos in order so here’s a shot of the hair fair build to get you excited! the theme this year is really lovely. i like the zen rock garden look.

hairfair build