Fifi Ala Mode


no your eyes are not deceiving you.. i am in fact wearing pink! usually as you know, i have a no pink rule on this blog, but i could not resist this new outfit from Wretched Dollies called Fifi ala mode. i am a huge fan of cabaret and show girl style clothing so i suffered though the pink :p


the fifi ala mode set includes an outfit, with several options to choose from. here i am wearing the poofy skirt which should just be renamed to “put me on right now because you love poofy stuff”.. i must obey the poofy. there is a separately sold jewelry set and a skin which all matches the outfit.

the shoes that i am wearing are NOT this colour normally. i tinted the bows and bottom of the shows pink in order to better match the outfit (as i have no pink shoes :p)

oh yes and this piano i am on? it was a freebie at glitterati, not sure if its still available but its super cute! there is a pay version full of poses available if you can’t find the freebie.

shopping list:

hair:  !lamb. Lovelier Girl – Blood Fruit

eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V)

skin: WD Fifi Dk Brows

outfit: WD Fifi ala Mode Dress

jewelry: WD Fifi ala Mode Necklace Set

shoes: lassitude & ennui Skully pumps (black and white version tinted)

piano: glitterati


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