Fifi Ala Mode


no your eyes are not deceiving you.. i am in fact wearing pink! usually as you know, i have a no pink rule on this blog, but i could not resist this new outfit from Wretched Dollies called Fifi ala mode. i am a huge fan of cabaret and show girl style clothing so i suffered though the pink :p


the fifi ala mode set includes an outfit, with several options to choose from. here i am wearing the poofy skirt which should just be renamed to “put me on right now because you love poofy stuff”.. i must obey the poofy. there is a separately sold jewelry set and a skin which all matches the outfit.

the shoes that i am wearing are NOT this colour normally. i tinted the bows and bottom of the shows pink in order to better match the outfit (as i have no pink shoes :p)

oh yes and this piano i am on? it was a freebie at glitterati, not sure if its still available but its super cute! there is a pay version full of poses available if you can’t find the freebie.

shopping list:

hair:  !lamb. Lovelier Girl – Blood Fruit

eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V)

skin: WD Fifi Dk Brows

outfit: WD Fifi ala Mode Dress

jewelry: WD Fifi ala Mode Necklace Set

shoes: lassitude & ennui Skully pumps (black and white version tinted)

piano: glitterati


Get the look–Death Eater

death eater

a couple of weeks ago i decided to create a new profile photo for myself and came up with this idea after being inspired by the skin.

i wanted to share the look, because i thought it was pretty cool, so here you go!




hair: Magika Hair // Andarial

skin: +Nuuna+ Ellivu

eyes: .ID. Ghost Eyes

nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim nails*Fairy Rose-Black*Black Rose

dress: [Plastik]-Bordello-DarkestDarkness

eyepatch: +:::+Natural+:::+toujours_ensemble_Red

shoes: [e] Move Pumps

pose: exposure

Nomine Magpie Skins

nomine has always been a favourite skin creator of mine, ever since i was a nooblet looking for a good vampire skin (i still love that skin…), so i was very pleased to see that there is a new skin line on its way to the store, and i have a preview for you!


there are several tones available from light to dark. i am wearing the lightest tone “china” in these photos.

for this line of skins, nomine has decided to utillize tattoo layers for lip stick as well as eyebrow tints. there are eyebrows on the skin but several tattoo layers are available to customize your eyebrows to the colour you desire, which is really awesome! most skin creators only do dark and light brows, nomine has provided eyebrows for a full spectrum of hair colours.

since there were so many options i chose to narrow it down to 4 and snap them.


each skin has several versions of the eye makeup, ranging from barely there, to thick heavy makeup. the lipstick tattoo layers are available in regular lip as well as a version with a parted mouth.

i do not have a date for when these will arrive in the shop, but hopefully it will be soon!

also wearing:
hair: (Dernier Cri) Kira – Black and Gray Shades

eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V)

bra: {Katcide} Blacked Pack Bra Plain Black (grunge soul project)

panties: SOURIRES – SBlack panties (Femme) (grunge soul project)

poses: glitterati

finally the hair fair haul

so yeah i didn’t buy as many hairs as most people on the feed, i don’t have that kind of cash o_o but i did find 4 that i really loved and snapped up really fast.


Magika – Andarial


Magika – Luna


Illusory – Yew


Illusory – Kimmi

and that is all from me! unless i go back for a second round of course >_>

also wearing:

skin: LAQ ~ Elena 01 [Pale] Glow skin (hairbase)

eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V)

top: [ATOMIC] Shredded Tank_Black

great usable freebies at the Hair Fair

for those of you who are bargain hunters, or just new to sl and want some great hair, i figured i would share a few freebies that are very nice and very wearable.




lelutka (and yes i changed the clip to black, thank gods for modding lol)


raspberry aristocrat





*runs back in to add*

discord designs has two really great freebies and the hair base was accidentally a demo. kallisti sent me a new version and i am so glad because i did want to add these to the list! they are both really great (and i love her braids)


discord designs – briannon


discord designs – anansi

all of these are available for free at the hair fair!

also wearing:

skin: :: Exodi :: VIP Group Gift – May 2011

eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My – Reflection (Green)(Lg/V)

top: –L`Abel-Country chic -Lottie grey top

pose: glitterati

MiaMai at Hairfair 2011

i really enjoy these awesome and creative hair styles from miamai! i think i may have to make some pretty pictures with them 😀 all of these use a hairbase tattoo layer which gives you not only a hair base but awesome makeup that suits the style you are wearing.









you can find these and more awesome hair styles from many designers at the 2011 hair fair

also wearing:

skin: –Glam Affair – Layla Grey ( Dressing room )

eyes: [T.U] Alligator Eyes – O Negative

dress: [Plastik]-Bordello-DarkestDarkness

pose: glitterati

its TenFifteen Somewhere

before i start out on my haul i wanted to highlight the great hair work of Washu Zebrastripe and Mikayla Kohl. they have 3 hairs out for hair fair and i am happy to see the return of washu to the hair making world 😀








The Hair Fair is now open to the public so go take out a loan and shop shop shop!

also wearing:

Skin: :GP: Airhead-Truth District Update Group Gift (in the truth district update group notices)

eyes: :: Exodi :: Riven Eyes (Fire) (Lg/V)

top: -[AddiCt]-JERSEY Racerback/Gift B&W 2

pose: Glitterati