Old Bones

just a quick blog today to show off the lovely skin that Keiko Morigi dropped on me today.

&bean old bones

&bean skins are a favourite of mine because they are so unique. i love the fact that they are pretty but not all stuffy model-ish like some skins i have (but i love those too of course). her skins have cute little imperfections like the little mole on my chin, and the eyebrows are not crazy overtweezed. speaking of eyebrows, i didn’t elect to take photos of all 3 choices, but this pack that she sent me came with 3 different eyebrow options, little, big, and no eyebrow.

&bean old bones

these skins are hand painted, which is my preference when it comes to skins. they are very soft but have shading in all the right places. the stomach is not as defined as a lot of skins so you don’t have to worry about having crazy abs if you are a chubby girl, like i am at times.

not sure if these are released yet but if they are go check them out!

hair: [e] Mood – Black 04
skin: &Bean – Old Bones A pale little brows
eyes: :: Exodi :: Look Into My – Reflection (Dusk)(Lg/V)
eyelashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes (these come with most exodi skins)
underwear: -Glam Affair – Xania Blue (this is from the dressing room and i have no clue if they sell it in the store)

poses: (with love & squalor)


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