Skull Creek


skull creek opens officially on the 18th but i got a chance to check it out before the crowds gather! Dick Weasel of WoE and Ryker Beck of Exodi have created an awesome murder mystery hunt where you become the detective and try to figure out who murdered poor dick.

you get a very cool notebook that lets you hunt for clues and question witnesses though out the town. and when you finally figure out who the murderer is you get a ton of prizes! here’s a few that i put together to show you just what you can grab for solving this mystery. not all prizes are shown.


prizes shown: Exodi Zombiez Skin, corset and capri pants from *Dreams*, chuckles the clown from [Fear Factory], Exodi Nyla Halloween set, Mad Skullz from Frooti


Exodi Vamp skin “fed”, Mad Skullz from Frooti


[ LuNi ] : The Local Flavour (full outfit with bloody hands and face tattoo)


Exodi Isolde 39 skin, SYSY’s shark attack tank top, Mad Skullz from Frooti

so check out skull creek on the 18th! join the Exodi VIP group to know exactly when it opens to the public.


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