valentine’s day is swiftly upon us and i’m sure many of you are looking for something beautiful to wear for your sweetheart on the 14th. i have become quite smitten with this elegant gown from haven designs. Delora dropped this black and silver dress on me last night and i have been prancing around like a little princess in it.


like everything from haven designs, this dress sports amazing textures that look very soft and touchable. i am a big fan of brocade patterns so this dress immediately won my heart. it comes in several colours but as i am little miss monochrome… i got the black one.

to make myself a little less black and white, i accessorized with a lovely necklace from unique needs. since we are close to valentine’s day, i figured a heart pendant would be a good choice. i am unfortunately not sure if these are available in her store. when i got mine, it was in a lucky board.

on a different note, i hope no one minds that i’m getting a little bit artsy fartsy with my pictures. i was getting tired of the plain background. i did want to mention that these photos are still not photoshopped except to crop them and add the site name to the corner. i never touch up my avatar or the clothing in these photos because i want to maintain that what you see is what you get. so please do forgive my jaggies and ugly unliquified mesh :p but i hope that these photos are a little less bland than previous looks!

ok enough from me! here’s your shopping list:

hair: Truth – freda (night)
skin: Fishy Strawberry – Lan Sugar – Pitch Dark (possibly not available)
eyes: Exodi – Look into my (frozen Margarita) (lg/nv)
lashes: Celestial Studios – Classic 5
dress: Haven Designs – Rhapsody (black)
necklace: Unique Needs – beloved sanctum heart black necklace
shoes that you cannot see: Fri.day – Basic flats (black)
poses: LAP



lotn2710 - moshpit

i tossed this look together yesterday with the hopes of finding a metal club or a place with a mosh pit to take photos in. alas i was unable to find such a place, but the outfit was so cute i figured i’d share it.

shopping list:
hair: gritty kitty – fader-black
skin: dendou – keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (hunt gift)
eyes: fantajecca-eye typeB red2 (not available)
shirt: 13Cherry – nashville pussy tshirt (freebie)
skirt: luck inc – lowrise mini jeans skirt black grey stripes
tights: gigi couture – black slit tights (freebie)
boots: ANEXX – leather rider boots type a
poses: niqotine (not available)

the eyes have it

so last time i blogged about my favourite prim eyes. this time i’ll be blogging about my favourite non-prim eyes.

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before we get into the crazy eyes i’ll start with the eyes i wear when i want to be normal (as if i can be normal :p). exodi makes these really beautiful eyes that sparkle and have a realistic feel to them. i love that the iris looks kinda like glitter and the shine on the eyes make them look wet like real eyes.

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these are my staple eyes. i usually prefer to wear red eyes but of all the red eyes i have, these are my favourite. unfortunately i have not been able to find this store inworld for some time. these eyes have a really pretty glassy effect that remind me slightly of a doll’s eyes.

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i got these eyes in a big fatpack at frick a while back. i’m not sure if they are still up for sale but if they are go get them because the price is great and you get a bunch of really cool eyes. i’m always on the look out for eyes with black sclera and weird irises and these fit both of those!

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

this last pair of eyes was specially made for me by nara tairov. she sent me the yellow ones that she made for 50L fridays and i asked for green and so i got green 😀 nara is working on animal eyes and so far she has made some really amazing ones! this is the only pair of goat/sheep eyes i have ever seen in my entire 3 almost 4 years of second life. bug her and tell her you want them for sale!

shopping list:

exodi – look into my (frozen margarita)(lg/v)
-fantajecca-eye – typeB red2 (no longer in sl)
{frick} – Vengeance 1
turquoise unicorn studios– Baa Ram Yew Eyes – Limey (not for sale…yet)