Loco Pocos Meets Katatonik

this is a very special look of the night because tonight’s look is being modeled as a loco poco XD

recently damien fate started a new part to the loco poco line. devkits! with both personal and business versions of the kits, he has made the loco pocos even more customizable than they already are!

the loco poco that i wear most often is jun, the female rat, and she is wearing the katatonik freebie dress that was set out at the store for st. patricks day. now i’m not sure if this dress is still available, but if it is go grab it! and go buy some of the other dresses as well!. there are many creators adding to the awesome collection of loco poco clothing, hair, and accessories.

lotn summary:
avatar: loco pocos – Jun (female rat)
hair: loco pocos – spikey hair (black)
dress: katatonik – lime/st patty’s dolly dress for loco pocos (available at the loco pocos store)
arc: 2613


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