Eden Skins by Ryker Beck of ::Genesis::

this is supposed to be a skin review but its more than likely to just end up being a post about how much i love these new skins!

the eden skin line is ryker’s first try at the skin business and she is already blowing me away with her amazing talent! i got my hands on the original test version of the skin and already i knew this was going to be something special. when she sent me the final version for me to post here i was floored.

so let me introduce you to eden:

(cut for nsfw photos of the skin. hit the more link to keep reading)

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the skin tone i am wearing is called “sugar” and it is the lightest of the tones. still a bit darker than my usual pale skins, this one is still a great tone that i would not be against wearing! its a great skin tone that doesn’t make you look dead, but it doesn’t make you look burnt either.

the skin has soft shading that brings out the features without looking too harsh, and i really love the detail on the tummy! the feet and hands are also very nicely detailed, and the girly bits are great looking! the skin has virtually no seams as far as i can tell. i inspected it all over twice in the optimal skin windlight setting and i couldn’t find anything out of place.

each skin also has a tintable pubic hair “landing strip” on both the underwear and pants layers but i don’t really care for pubes so i opted not to wear it.

the skin has a full range of makeups which you can check out at her store, but here are a few that i picked for this blog, since we are supposed to be the more goth/emo/punk types here :p






i personally have one of those really annoying faces that hates skins and always ends up making me have to tweek it just for a specific skin line.. but these delighted me with the fact that they did not need any tweeking what so ever! i still look cute as ever 😉

the skins also include a whole rainbow of eyes, i am wearing the green ones from the set, and an eyebrow shape that i didn’t wear, but even with my own personal eyebrow shape they look great.

ryker’s skins are set to go on sale tomorrow, march 17th, at her mainstore in zion. the sim is closed at the moment in preperation for tomorrow so be ready to snag yours when the doors open again!

other notes:
hair: ETD – Jared (black)
poses: LAP and Striking Poses


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