Loco Pocos Meets Katatonik

this is a very special look of the night because tonight’s look is being modeled as a loco poco XD

recently damien fate started a new part to the loco poco line. devkits! with both personal and business versions of the kits, he has made the loco pocos even more customizable than they already are!

the loco poco that i wear most often is jun, the female rat, and she is wearing the katatonik freebie dress that was set out at the store for st. patricks day. now i’m not sure if this dress is still available, but if it is go grab it! and go buy some of the other dresses as well!. there are many creators adding to the awesome collection of loco poco clothing, hair, and accessories.

lotn summary:
avatar: loco pocos – Jun (female rat)
hair: loco pocos – spikey hair (black)
dress: katatonik – lime/st patty’s dolly dress for loco pocos (available at the loco pocos store)
arc: 2613


Eden Skins by Ryker Beck of ::Genesis::

this is supposed to be a skin review but its more than likely to just end up being a post about how much i love these new skins!

the eden skin line is ryker’s first try at the skin business and she is already blowing me away with her amazing talent! i got my hands on the original test version of the skin and already i knew this was going to be something special. when she sent me the final version for me to post here i was floored.

so let me introduce you to eden:

(cut for nsfw photos of the skin. hit the more link to keep reading)

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so welcome to a very twisted edition of the look of the night. yes i know, i was lazy and didn’t blog.. but really i’ve been very busy with other junk in sl so blah.

the twisted hunt is going on this month until the end of march, if you are reading this blog you most likely are into the darker side of sl. i’ve only managed to get to hunt item # 70 but there are 103 in total! and lemmie tell you.. they are HARD to find!

today’s LotN uses 2 pieces from the hunt. #19 Burning Chrome, who’s gift included a very awesome set of HAL eyes which i am wearing. and #24 !Tarnished, who gave a very neat outfit named “mero”.

Click For Fullsize

(click for fullsize)

now i’m not gonna lie, i was not pleased with how the bottom of the mero outfit looked, so i opted to just wear the jacket portion of it with a poofy skirt freebie i nabbed from i-candy. i am a sucker for poofy skirts… but i love the top part of this outfit! it is so cute and i love the chain details around the waist area.

burning chrome offered alot of stuff in their gift for the hunt, but the hal eyes spoke to me immediately because i am a big fan of the 2001, and 2010 movies. that computer scares me to death but i love him.

i’m also wearing hair from LeLutka (formerly MMS), tattoos from AITUI (arms) and ravenwear (chest), stockings from D3volution, and boots by urban bomb unit. my skin is by celestial studios.

lotn summary:

hair: “DJ” – LeLutka (no slurl because they are remodeling)
skin(and the lashes that go with it): “(DN) Vogue Skin – Last Call/Fishnet – Pure” – Celestial Studios
eyes: “Twisted Hunt Gift #19 Hal Eyes” – Burning Chrome
chest tattoo: “skeleton tat” – Ravenwear (this is a really old tattoo so i don’t know if it’s still available)
arm/hand tattoo: “skeletal hands” – AITUI
top: “Twisted Hunt Gift # 24 Mero” – !Tarnished
skirt: “Cheapie Puffy Skirt” – i-Candy (which is aparently now Kawaii Jelly)
stockings: “Raggy Ass Stockings and Belt with 8 Garters” – D3volution
shoes: “UBU Pirate Rain Boots” – Urban Bomb Unit
Pose: (its one of my ao stands) “SiM_f_stand001_ao” – MiSSiM
ARC: 3150